Rachel’s Haven Opens its Own TG Fiction Bookstore

16 01 2014

One of the new books published by Haven

Some of you will know the Rachel’s Haven TG caption community, where crossdreamers meet to exchange stories.

Rachel & Co has now established their own publishing company, as well as an online bookstore for transgender fiction.

The first series of books presented by Haven Bookworks  is the end result of a call for stories that went out to members and friends of the community.

The Bookstore sells its books and stories in the epub and mobi formats. Rachel & Co add that download links for both formats will be provided with the purchase of any title:

“As we trust our customer’s intent to reward the authors who keep them turning pages, we do not place digital rights management schemes on any files on this site.”

However, the books published by Haven are also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Google Play.


Transgender Fiction Site TF Media is Back!

4 01 2014
TF Media Logo

TF Media Logo

The original Trasformation Media site was set up in 2009, I believe. Its purpose: To publish all types of transformation stories, gender bending included. Then the site went down.

Well, now it is back with a new design, a new logo, a new submission process and a new forum.

You have to register to get access, but you may use a fake email account to do so.

The logo actually tells the story about what TF Media is about. TFGuy, editor and administrator, notes that its has four symbols representing the primary components of the transformation genre:

“In order from left to right, they are: a cat, the female symbol, the male symbol, and a nipple/breast. These symbolize animal, transgender, and inanimate/other transformations, respectively.”

TF Media is looking for new stories, and authors who submitted stories to the old site is encouraged to resubmit them.

Visit TF Media here!