The resurrection of TF Media

13 08 2011

As I reported in April, the TF Media site for TG captions and stories in no more.

However, now a new enthusiast called Osiris has taken over the data. He is in the process of establishing a new site called TF Media 2. The goal is to turn it into a new repository for cap and story makers.

Much of the material previously found on TF Media 1 is now accessible.

Osiris is looking for volunteers who can help sort out the existing material!


More transgender fantasy caption blogs

13 02 2011

It seems crossdreamers and crossdressers have found their favorite Web 2.0 way of presenting their fantasies: blogs.

There are new ones appearing every month.

Here are a few that has poppoed up on my radar since last fall:

Martha’s Caps
New blog presenting traditional TG caps, but that also invites input from reader. Mostly soft core, some more explicit.

Betty’s Captions
Colorful captions and some original type of art. A lot of Photoshop manipulation. Bosom fetishists will be happy about this one. Mostly soft.

Club Sissy
Club Sissy has set up a private captioning area that requires registration and log in. The idea is for visitors to be able to publish real pictures of yourself. Sounds risky, doesn’t it?

Dragon’s Fang Captions
A mix of different types of captions, and in different styles. Active use of Comic Life. Soft and hard core.

Emily’s TG Captions
Traditional captions and a few stories. Feminine soft core.

Extreme Captioning Afficionado
As the name implies, there is some extreme imagery here. Some girl on girl as well. Hard coire.

GG’s TG Caps
A number of traditional caps, soft and hard core. Not updated since November 2010.

Laura Jayde’s Caps
Traditional soft core caps with a lot of curvy ladies.

Lenochka’s blog
Photos with short texts added. Mostly soft.

L. Stark Captions
Elegantly designed captions, mostly of the soft kind.

Lolita TG Caps
Short fantasies illustrated with images of women in very colorful and girly clothes.

Modern Goddess – a shrine of decadence
Many captions and illustrated stories with beautiful girls, set up by Mistress Simone. Soft and hard.

Papa Dragon’s TG
The description says it all: Body-swappin’, pill-poppin’ and good old fashioned spell-droppin’. Mostly soft core.

Purse Boy
Traditional caps, illustrated stories, caps submitted by visitors and “moving captions”. Soft core.

Sissy Captions
Captions with a sissy theme. Some transsexuals.

Slutty Chrissy’s TG Caps
Explicit imagery with “forced” theme. Caps and illustrated stories.

100 TG captions and counting. Captions and longer illustrated stories.

Smitty’s TG Caps
Soft and hard core captions and longer cap series.

Suzypossiblly’s TG Central
Includes explicit and non-explicit caps, but also comments on — and links to — other sites.

Males dressed through bets and coercion and kept as pretty “ladies” and maids forever! Or so it says.

TG Jessie’s Captions
Caps with curvy transformees.

See also: A new batch of transgender blogs.

Donnie is back

30 07 2010

I have previously reported on one of the original TG cappers, Donnie and Donnie’s World.

Donnie has regained his health and is now capping at a new Blogger site called Donnie’s Captions.

A new batch of transgender Blogger blogs

3 06 2010

I honestly believed the new wave of TG Blogger blogs would peter out. It didn’t. New ones are popping up on a monthly basis, presenting TG captions of a wide variety of types.

Here are some of the new ones:

Victoria’s Transgender Captions
Softcore captions, many of them humorous.

Tom’s big assed TG captions
Well, the names says it all really. Some explicit images and videos.

Tgirl Next Door
A crossdresser’s fantasies about wanting to be wanted. Images with accompanying texts.

TG Mixdown
Various types of TG caps, some of them quite original.

The dark side of femme captions
Classic TG caps, and they are not especially dark, if you ask me.

Steffiemariechen’s forced femme/TG captions
Some very feminine caps. The blog haven’t been updated since November 2009.

Sexy Secret Sophie
Illustrated short stories, some of them with explicit imagery.

Paci’s captions
Explicit TG caps.

NRAE Captions
Creative use of Comic Life, the photo comic generator. Mainly softcore.

A Nony Moose’s TG Captions
Original and creative designs.

Nadine The Teasing Marquise
Classic TG caps with longer narratives.
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Nikki’s Sweet Dreams

11 06 2009

UPDATE Sep 82009: Nikki’s sites are back!

I can see from my own web statistics that Nikki’s Sweet Dreams is becoming one of the most popular TG caption blogs around.

No wonder! It is updated on a daily basis. On some days Nikki presents more than one cap.

The design of the caps is traditional and based on the classic two panel layout (picture to the right, black text on white background to the left), but the texts are often very original and creative.

The imagery varies between soft and hard core.

There is also a sister site called Nikki’s Sweet Stories. That one is updated less frequently.

Even more transgender caption blogs

25 02 2009

Surprised by change

Surprised by change

Recently we have seen even more transgender captioners making blogs for TG Caps.

Not all of them will survive; nor will of them be updated regularly, but those that do will get their own honorary blog post here at TFCC.

However, before that happens, you can test the following:

My own TG Captions is focused on cross-dressing, by Jasm05.

Lexi’s caps are full of male to female tranformations.

Nikki’s Sweet Stories is a sister site to the cap blog Nikki’s Sweet Dreams . It has illustrated M2F transformation short stories.

Tina’s TG Hardcore Erotica. The name says it all, really. Tina has previously published a large number of caps over at Freya’s.

Jennifer’s TG caps of Defiance . Another prolific capper gets her own blog.

Cintia Dintia takes the plunge and selects an unorthodox — but creative — template for her TG Blogger blog.

Once I was a man is a blog dedicated to “man changed into object” caps. If being transformed into your girl’s lipstick turns you on, this one is for you!

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TG Caps, the sister site of TG Comics

26 12 2008
Image from TG Caps

Image from TG Caps

TG Comics is one of the leading sites of illustrated TG Fiction and has already been covered by TFCC.

In December 2008 Femur & friends over at TG Comics decided to split TG Comics in two, establishing TG Caps, a site devoted mainly to modified fan art and derivatives of already existing comics, TV series and movies.

This art includes capped images and covers, as well as new, original, stories accompanying them.

There are also a few photo comics, previously found over at TG Comics.

The image to the right is by Infinity.