The Transfiction Room seeks help

29 03 2009

Woman with flower photos.comThe Transfiction Room is one of the new kids on the TG fiction block.

MS Diana TG now asks for help in administering the site over at the TG Fiction forum:

“I have had a few authors express interested in posting things directly to the site and I also have a BIG list of authors who have granted permission to add their stories to the library as I have time. The problem is I don’t have a lot of time to keep up with this AND my real life gig. I’d like to ask one more time for anybody who would be interested in helping post stories!”

Send an email to .


Beverly’s Balcony

26 03 2009

This is a site richly illustrated with fairy tale new age women (by Jonathan Earl Bowser). It definitely has a feminine and magical air to it. It was started back in 2001.

The story section contains several longer TG short stories as well as series like Darkside’s Fury Saga, and the Tuck Saga .

There is not a large amount of fiction here, but the site also covers other areas, like music, online games and art.

The updates are infrequent. The last one I found was August 2008.

A new update for the transgender fiction search engine

18 03 2009

Find yourself!

Find yourself!

I have updated the TFCC transgender fiction search engine again.

Besides adding several new TG caption blogs to the sites covered, I have also put up two subcategories.

Click on TG Caps to restrict results to TG caption sites and on TG Stories to sites that focus on short (or not so short) transgender stories.

Now that Google has fixed its Warning Page problem, all of the new TG cap sites have been indexed, at least partially. The most important of all TG fiction sites, Fictionmania is still not available. Whether the FM team will allow Google to spider the site when it is back remains to be seen.

To all your TG caps blog owners out there: This search engine is powered by Google, and Google needs text to understand what your caps are about. Google will not index text found within the images, i.e. the graphic file itself. There are three ways around this problem: (1) Include the text of the image in the blog post, or (2) add a line with the most important keywords, or (3) make sure the title of the blog post says something sensible about the topic of the cap.