– forced feminization videos and comics

5 09 2008

What a strange name: Lustomic. At first I thought it said Lustcomic (which would have made more sense), but nevermind… Unlike most sites reviewed here, this site is not free. 

Illustration from Lustomic

Illustration from Lustomic

Lustomic sells forced femme comics and videos, stories about boys men forcefully being changed into sluts and sissies (shemales mostly).

I have checked a few of the comic books, and they are of a high quality. Many of them are beautifully drawn, often in  a French or a Belgian “bande dessinée” style (that is a good thing!).

So although I find paying 11 US$ for a PDF file a little bit too steep, they are normally worth it.

I have not checked the quality of the videos.


Carolyn Samuels Blog for Transsexual Videos and Photos

5 09 2008

Carolyn Samuels Blog for Transsexual Videos and Photos presents videos and photos with a TS theme from all over the world.

Admittedly, I did not include the word “video” in the TFFC title, but if it is transgender art, it belongs here!

The blog is stylish and easy to navigate.