The Gender Bender Fiction Index

28 01 2012

Stephan Sokolow has set up a directory devoted to transgender fiction, comics, games, movies, TV shops and more. It has been in beta since 2009, and I think it is time to give it some more attention.

The site contains a vast database of artistic works and their characters, and covers all types of gender bending.

The site can be used as a starting point for studies of gender bending in the arts. What makes it truly useful is that it also contains links to other sites where these works of art are described or discussed.

Click here to visit The Gender Bender Fiction Index!


TG Caps, the sister site of TG Comics

26 12 2008
Image from TG Caps

Image from TG Caps

TG Comics is one of the leading sites of illustrated TG Fiction and has already been covered by TFCC.

In December 2008 Femur & friends over at TG Comics decided to split TG Comics in two, establishing TG Caps, a site devoted mainly to modified fan art and derivatives of already existing comics, TV series and movies.

This art includes capped images and covers, as well as new, original, stories accompanying them.

There are also a few photo comics, previously found over at TG Comics.

The image to the right is by Infinity.

New TG fiction and caption blogs

22 12 2008

The policy of TFCC is that we only include sites that have proved their longevity and quality. Newer sites will therefor have a tendency of falling off the radar.

Given that Fictionmania is down at the moment and many of you are looking for alternative sources of TG ficiton, I thought I should present a few new TG blogs for you.

TG blogging is a recent phenomenon that didn’t take off until 2008. Now, however, there are new blogs popping up every month. presents TG captions. The site was down for a while, but is now up and running on a new server. It contains hardcore images.

Creative Captioning in the TG World is a brand new blog presenting mainly softcore captions.

Forced Femme Fantasies is already included in the TFCC collection. Posting has been slow for a while, but there are now new caps available. This is a very funny and erotic blog. (Hardcore)

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Jana’s Transgender Manga And Anime

18 09 2008

The Japanese comics and animated movie industries — producing manga and anime, respectively — delivers a lot of transgender erotica. The problem is to find it and, for the Non-Japanese, to read it.

Fortunately, there are sites out there that try to help us in this respect. Jana’s TG Manga and Anime is one of them.

Anime image Mizuho and Shion

Anime image Mizuho and Shion

The site contains long lists of TG related content. It does not lead you to the comic strips or movies themselves, though. In order to find them, you will have to make use of other sites.

Jana says:

“If you want to get general information about the titles listed here, you must try in other sites, here the information will center only in the TG content in the different titles.”

This means that the site brings newcomers only one step of the way. Jana does provide links to other online resources on the home page though, sites that might help you find the gems she is recommending.

The site is a little bit hard to navigate. Here is a link to the list of titles.

TG Comics

4 09 2008

Illustration by Femur from TG Comics

Illustration by Femur from TG Comics

TG Comics is the most professionally designed site in the history of TG fiction.

What is even more important is that behind that elegant facade there are a large number of great TG comics, hand drawn as well as computer animated.

Moreover, if you look around you will also find photo stories, mock up comic book covers and more.

While you are there: Take a look at the links section! It is one of the most comprehensive and extensive on the Web.

Fahrad’s New TG Manga Site

4 09 2008

Fahrad’s New TG Manga site brings you scanned pages of Japanese comic books depicting male to female gender transformations.

We are pointing to his new site here, as it seems his old collection is down at the moment of writing. Several people are working on transferring the old stories to the new site, however.

There is also an accompanying discussion forum for discussion on trangender manga and anime.