New transgender caption blogs, part 5

29 09 2009

The creative juices of the TG community keeps flowing. Here are some more new blogs presenting captioned images and stories.

Danielle May has started a blog with mainly soft core TG caps. Big bosoms and pregnancies seem to be recurrent themes.

Jane B’s TG Caps and Stories is one of the few TG blogs not hosted on Google’s Blogger. Jane says this about her interests: “I like stories about cross-dressers who get caught and forced into womanhood, or changed into women magically, or by drugs, or by sci-fi means.”

A Nony Moose’s TG Captions contains comic style captions of the softcore type. It took me some time to decode the name of the blog, but then again I am blonde.

The Art of Bodyswap is — i believe — and Italian blog, but it is all written in English. A lot of softcore bodyswap fantasies for you in this one. It has not been updated since May, but maybe this link will encourage Leslie Belle to make some more.

I should also mention Ben’s Transformation Caps, a softcore blog that lasted for less than a month and then went into hiatus.

I have also been informed of a few blogs covering special interests:

Baby TB-Captions contains caps with men being changed into teenage baby girls, most often slaves of sexy lesbians.

If you like that one, you may also find Forced Transformations by Baby Terri to your liking, as it has several age regression caps.

The Were-Woman’s Blog contains captions and stories about men being changed into women during the full moon.

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