StartdustR.US Transgender Stories

25 09 2008

Here is a transgender story repository that us updated regularly, and with some great stories too! StardustR.US even brings you complete books for online reading pleasure.

The site StardustR.US is run by Bob Arnold, and presents the traditional TG story lay-out on the home page: The latest stories are presented with a large headline, a summary, the authors name and a link to the story.

There is an author list with links to their stories, but unless you already know them already this list is of little help i you try to find stories of a particular kind.

One way of finding the gems is to go to the All Time Popular Content list. There is also a search engine.

What I would like to see, though, was a simple list of tags on every page. The stories are tagged, but I have been unable to find a complete list of tags.

If you want to keep track of the development of the site, there are several blogs written by the entrepreneurs running this site.


Jana’s Transgender Manga And Anime

18 09 2008

The Japanese comics and animated movie industries — producing manga and anime, respectively — delivers a lot of transgender erotica. The problem is to find it and, for the Non-Japanese, to read it.

Fortunately, there are sites out there that try to help us in this respect. Jana’s TG Manga and Anime is one of them.

Anime image Mizuho and Shion

Anime image Mizuho and Shion

The site contains long lists of TG related content. It does not lead you to the comic strips or movies themselves, though. In order to find them, you will have to make use of other sites.

Jana says:

“If you want to get general information about the titles listed here, you must try in other sites, here the information will center only in the TG content in the different titles.”

This means that the site brings newcomers only one step of the way. Jana does provide links to other online resources on the home page though, sites that might help you find the gems she is recommending.

The site is a little bit hard to navigate. Here is a link to the list of titles.

Shapeshifter transgender stories

15 09 2008

There are many ways of looking at transgender fiction.

One is to see at least parts of it as a sub-genre under the broader term “shapeshifting stories”. People are changed into all kinds of creature online, male-to-female and female-to-male being walks in the park in this context.

Shifti is a site devoted to shapeshifter fiction. They use the same software as the Wikipedia, which actually works well for organizing short stories for online publication.

You may sort stories by author, setting and type of transformation. There is also a mailing list (based on the older transformer story community) and a writer’s school.

The site has its own category for transgender stories, which contains quite a few works of fiction. Do take a look!

Thanks to The Threefold Great for telling me about this one!

Thanks also to Hippo that drew my attention to another shapeshifter site with transgender content, namely Transfur. There the focus is on drawings and comics.

Sapphire’s Place for transgender stories

7 09 2008

All right, Sapphire’s Place is a little bit long in the tooth. The design is very nineties and some of the links are dead.

Still, even if it is the “Net’s oldest TG fiction site”, it is very much alive. It is updated regularly with new stories and contains an archive brimming with great TG stories. And that is what matters here!

The site contains the complete works of Eddie Glover, Stephanie, Christopher Leeson, Waldo, Raven, Steve Zink, Wendy, George Martin, Lorna Samuels, Sarah Barndt, Lorraine B., Marina Twelve, and Dawn DeWinter. And if these names does not mean anything to you, now may be the time to learn to know them.

Elrod’s – the home of the Bikini Beach Universe

6 09 2008
Man on Bikini Beach

Man on Bikini Beach

UPDATE NOV 9 2008:

This site has now been closed down. Most of the stories can be found over at

Behind the utterly bland design of “Elrod’s Home” (no pictures, no colors, no nothing) hides the home of one of the most popular universes in TG fiction history. And by a universe I means a coherent setting for stories written by many authors.

In the Bikini Beach universe men visiting a local women’s beach soon find out that it truly is a beach for women only!

The site hasn’t been updated in ages, but it still belongs in TFCC because of the many great stories it contains.

Beside the stories, there are presentations of the main characters of the universe and Bikini TG captions.

But that is not all! Here you also find stories in the MAU series (that is the alien Morphic Adaptation Unit for the non-engineers among you). If you want to write a MAU story of your own, you will find the rule book here.

Joan’s Story Alcove

6 09 2008

Illustration from Joan's site

Illustration from Joan's site

Joan’s Story Alcove presents the TG stories of Joan Banks.

“I don’t write fiction as a sexual prop, it has to explore something deeper about people or, at the very least, be fun,” she says. She loves science fiction and fantasy.

She has been writing TG fiction for a while. One of her series, the Morphite Saga, started in 1993. The main work is the Absolute Power series, however. What if a genie gave you the power to fix any physical problem? What would happen?

There is also a guest writer section and a lot of really wonderful illustrations.

Joe Six Pack – the manly TG site

6 09 2008

I like the design of this site: simplistic, but clear and expressive. It is easy to navigate too.

At the core of the site you find Joe’s TG stories, some of the illustrated. There is a (not too active) discussion board and a well equipped link section.

Some would also be interested in knowing that Joe has reformatted some of his favorite stories found on the Usenet (a stone age kind of discussion forums 😉 and published them on his site. Look under the Archive tab.