Russian transgender fiction sites

24 05 2009

I have put up a post over at Rebecca’s World on Russian transgender fiction and caption sites.

I have also provided tools for English language translations.

If you know of more, please let me know.


New Transformation Fiction Site Launched

19 05 2009

While TG fiction readers are patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for Fictionmania to get up again, others take matters in their own hands.

Transformation Media sets out to be a site for all kinds of transformation fiction, transgender included.

It has been up for only two days at the moment of writing, so there isn’t much content to speak of, which is why the administrators are hoping that you — all TG fiction fans out there — will take the time to post your new or old works of art.

They are also working on an image module, that will make the posting of captions possible.

Whateley Academy

8 05 2009

Do you like X-men? All right, there is an alternative super hero universe that might interest you, the one focusing on Whateley Academy and Crystal Hall.

“What the heck is this?” the site asks retorically, and answers:

“Stories. Stories about teen aged kids who happen to be mutants. Their powers will lead them to eventually become super heroes, super villains, or perhaps something more complex. During the course of their mutation or school experience, most of them will also have a TG (trans-gender) event that either changes the boys into girls, or girls into boys (although m2f is by far the most common). The changes are usually, but not always, permanent.”

Here you go: