A new batch of transgender Blogger blogs

3 06 2010

I honestly believed the new wave of TG Blogger blogs would peter out. It didn’t. New ones are popping up on a monthly basis, presenting TG captions of a wide variety of types.

Here are some of the new ones:

Victoria’s Transgender Captions
Softcore captions, many of them humorous.

Tom’s big assed TG captions
Well, the names says it all really. Some explicit images and videos.

Tgirl Next Door
A crossdresser’s fantasies about wanting to be wanted. Images with accompanying texts.

TG Mixdown
Various types of TG caps, some of them quite original.

The dark side of femme captions
Classic TG caps, and they are not especially dark, if you ask me.

Steffiemariechen’s forced femme/TG captions
Some very feminine caps. The blog haven’t been updated since November 2009.

Sexy Secret Sophie
Illustrated short stories, some of them with explicit imagery.

Paci’s captions
Explicit TG caps.

NRAE Captions
Creative use of Comic Life, the photo comic generator. Mainly softcore.

A Nony Moose’s TG Captions
Original and creative designs.

Nadine The Teasing Marquise
Classic TG caps with longer narratives.
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