The Gender Bender Fiction Index

28 01 2012

Stephan Sokolow has set up a directory devoted to transgender fiction, comics, games, movies, TV shops and more. It has been in beta since 2009, and I think it is time to give it some more attention.

The site contains a vast database of artistic works and their characters, and covers all types of gender bending.

The site can be used as a starting point for studies of gender bending in the arts. What makes it truly useful is that it also contains links to other sites where these works of art are described or discussed.

Click here to visit The Gender Bender Fiction Index!


Locked in Lace – transgendered forced feminization, cross-dressing and sissification

6 09 2008

The main focus of Locked in Lace is online interactive forced feminization role playing games (now, that’s a mouthful!).

To quote the FAQ:

“The Lacy Place is a Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Forced Feminization Forum (MORFFF). Men transformed into Women work (and live) in an indentured servitude to a casino just off the Las Vegas strip. The stories, economy and dynamics are created completely by the community and how you decide to play your character is entirely up to you.”

In other words, this is TG fiction that is produced by the members as they play. There are also captioned images, Flash games and TG news and rumors.

The site is free, but you are expected to add in a few dollars to cover bandwidth expenses.