About TFCC

TFCCTFCC (Transgender Fiction, Captions and Comics, is your gateway to online trangender fiction.

TFCC will present quality TG sites that publishes short, stories, caps, comics and photo stories on male to female or female to male transformations on a regular basis, being that huge databases like Fictionmania or one man blogs presenting home made caps.

If you find a quality site that is missing, submit a proposal for inclusion. And yes, feel free to suggest your own site!

An important purpose for TFCC is to make transgender fiction more visible in the search engines. That means that this site has to visible. Links back to this site are therefore greatly appreciated!

Rebecca Molay


TFCC is brought to you by Rebecca Molay’s World of Transgender Erotica

Rebecca's World of Transgender Erotica


One response

18 07 2011

hi Rebecca Sarena here i’m new at this net stuff i”ve waited for too many years to start geting open about all this i’ve felt out of place all my life i know now that i am not what i look like male uh inside i’m much much more i was born a long long time ago i rember dreaming about some guy in uniform takeing me away from all this male world and helping me become what i feel like inside thanks for the web sites i’m a fan of yours keep up the good work out there and to all of you other girls out there don’t stay in the closet to long it makes life hard and rough out here go girls go and enjoy life it’s not as long as u think it is before u know it its to late Love happiness to you all and good night

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