Donnie’s World

26 10 2008

Many of you must have noticed the increasing number of “New School” caption based blogs popping up these days.

Donnie’s World is in many ways the precursor of them all. Using old-fashioned HTML he has put up a large collection of what I would call traditional TG captions, i.e. an image illustrating a scene, a tableau or a fantasy describing a male to female transformation.

The site was down for a while, but he is now in process of reestablishing it, sorting the pictures into categories named after popular TG fiction universes like Altered Fates and Bikini Beach, and transformation techniques like Bodyswitcher and Brother/sister.

The home page is chaotic and the cap design is traditional, but there are a lot of great ideas here as well as a large number of high quality pictures.


The site is now down, but I found the following info on Rachel’s Haven dated April 2009:

“Donnie asked me to post this for everyone:

‘Because of health and financial reasons, I am putting every caption I ever wrote on a CD…That’s every caption that was ever on Donnie’s world and over 100 new ones, Guest Captions, the animated gifs from the site, and another disc with the actual videos of those animated gifs and all I’m asking is $35.00 Payment can be sent to my Paypal account at Email me with your mailing address and the discs will be mailed to you the next day.’

If you’d like to contact him with any questions, the above email ( is the best bet.

Rachel ”


The TFCC Transgender Fiction Search Engine

8 10 2008

Search the Net Please welcome the The TFCC search engine. It searches hand picked English language transgender fiction, caption, movie and comics sites.

It is based on the Google database, and includes all the pages of these sites Google has been able to spider.

There are some problems with this approach, and that is that too many of the TG sites are fenced off by logins and content warning screens. The Fictionmania database is therefore not included; nor is most of the pages of discussion forums like Rachel’s Haven and Bimbo’s.

The use of content warnings is understandable, as the sites in question would like to warn minors and others. Search engine crawlers also consume band width, and as some of these sites are struggling with “too much” traffic already, they might want to exclude Google and the lot for that reason.

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