Even more transgender caption blogs

25 02 2009

Surprised by change

Surprised by change

Recently we have seen even more transgender captioners making blogs for TG Caps.

Not all of them will survive; nor will of them be updated regularly, but those that do will get their own honorary blog post here at TFCC.

However, before that happens, you can test the following:

My own TG Captions is focused on cross-dressing, by Jasm05.

Lexi’s caps are full of male to female tranformations.

Nikki’s Sweet Stories is a sister site to the cap blog Nikki’s Sweet Dreams . It has illustrated M2F transformation short stories.

Tina’s TG Hardcore Erotica. The name says it all, really. Tina has previously published a large number of caps over at Freya’s.

Jennifer’s TG caps of Defiance . Another prolific capper gets her own blog.

Cintia Dintia takes the plunge and selects an unorthodox — but creative — template for her TG Blogger blog.

Once I was a man is a blog dedicated to “man changed into object” caps. If being transformed into your girl’s lipstick turns you on, this one is for you!

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Technical problems accessing TG blogs

5 02 2009

It seems there is a problem with the Blogger service, which is hosting many of the new TG erotica blogs that have appeared lately.

Readers of my own Rebecca’s World report that they can see the background load, and then the whole process stops. Apparently Blogger has made a new script for loading the Content Warning splash page.

The problem seems to affect users of Internet Explorer 6, but not IE 7 or browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. Until Blogger fixes the problem, the best solution for Internet Explorer users is to try out another browser.

Here’s the relevant discussion over at Google Groups.

UPDATE : Here’s a message from Google/Blogger:

“Thanks for the heads up on this folks.
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