TGstories – classic site for original transgender stories

22 01 2010

Given that there is so much free TG literature out there, does it really make any sense to run a subscription based transgender fiction site? certainly thinks so, and I think they are right. The fact is that TGstories publish stories that are not found anywhere else, and since there is strict editorial control, you can also expect a certain quality. I have found many new high quality stories on the site, and the fact that the site has been up and running since 1997 means that there is a lot to choose from.

You can navigate stories by date posted, alphabetical according to title, and by category (under the “Signature Series” heading). But you can not sort stories after the name of the author, which is a shame if you have found one you like very much. Nor is there is a tag system, which might have helped.

The design of the site is simplistic and a little bit old fashioned maybe, but ut it does the job well. My only complaint is that the navigation menu is not included on the story and media pages. You need to use the back button to explore the site further.

The stories are presented on one single page which works fine with me. They are HTML formatted in a very clean manner, which means that you can easily print them out and read them on paper. This means that the lack of PDF files isn’t much of a problem.

In addition TGstories also present “Public Stories” found elsewhere on the net, but reformatted for this site. There are also a few comics and some streaming media.

My verdict: TGstories is definitely worth its subscription fee.