Nikki’s Sweet Dreams

11 06 2009

UPDATE Sep 82009: Nikki’s sites are back!

I can see from my own web statistics that Nikki’s Sweet Dreams is becoming one of the most popular TG caption blogs around.

No wonder! It is updated on a daily basis. On some days Nikki presents more than one cap.

The design of the caps is traditional and based on the classic two panel layout (picture to the right, black text on white background to the left), but the texts are often very original and creative.

The imagery varies between soft and hard core.

There is also a sister site called Nikki’s Sweet Stories. That one is updated less frequently.


Fictionmania is back

1 06 2009

The giant Fictionmania site for transgender stories have been down for months due to severe technical difficulties.

Now, however, the FM team has installed a new server and recoded the whole site from MacOS to Windows. It is back up at the new domain.

It looks exactly like the previous version, down to the large number of search features and the old fashioned way of submitting stories. It is much faster, though, and much more stable.

The absence of Fictionmania has been causing grief and severe withdrawal symptoms among many TG readers, leading — in the worst instances — to hate emails and a lot of CAPITAL LETTER online swearing.

It is over now, folks!

The FM team also welcomes new stories.