– literature on alternative sexuality

18 08 2010

Some of you might be interested in, a site that presents LGTB books in the area of horror, science fiction and fantasy.

The editor writes:

“Most of the books I’ve gathered within deal with alternative sexualities in a positive, sympathetic manner. It may be a gay time-traveler, a transgender dragonslayer, a lesbian goddess, a bisexual sidekick, or anything and everything in between. There may be some works, especially in the horror genre, where the portrayal is a little more edgy and/or questionable, but I’ve done my best to exclude anything negative.”

Transgender books are marked TG. There are links to


The transgender phenomenon in the arts

8 08 2010

Take a look at Zagria’s blog A Gender Variance in the Arts.

She is looking at how artists have been including transgender themes in their paintings, sculptures, movies and books.

She is making active use of photos and video clips, and they entice you to explore the blog in depth.

There are also link to other “T-art” blogs.