TG Caps, the sister site of TG Comics

26 12 2008
Image from TG Caps

Image from TG Caps

TG Comics is one of the leading sites of illustrated TG Fiction and has already been covered by TFCC.

In December 2008 Femur & friends over at TG Comics decided to split TG Comics in two, establishing TG Caps, a site devoted mainly to modified fan art and derivatives of already existing comics, TV series and movies.

This art includes capped images and covers, as well as new, original, stories accompanying them.

There are also a few photo comics, previously found over at TG Comics.

The image to the right is by Infinity.


New TG fiction and caption blogs

22 12 2008

The policy of TFCC is that we only include sites that have proved their longevity and quality. Newer sites will therefor have a tendency of falling off the radar.

Given that Fictionmania is down at the moment and many of you are looking for alternative sources of TG ficiton, I thought I should present a few new TG blogs for you.

TG blogging is a recent phenomenon that didn’t take off until 2008. Now, however, there are new blogs popping up every month. presents TG captions. The site was down for a while, but is now up and running on a new server. It contains hardcore images.

Creative Captioning in the TG World is a brand new blog presenting mainly softcore captions.

Forced Femme Fantasies is already included in the TFCC collection. Posting has been slow for a while, but there are now new caps available. This is a very funny and erotic blog. (Hardcore)

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