New transgender caption blogs, part 4

4 08 2009

The new wave of new transgender caption blogs is not over. Here are a few more for you to explore.

Daddy Feminization
Interesting sub-category of feminization fantasies this one: Men being feminized by their daughter!

Erin’s captions
Erin from Rachel’s Haven has made her own blog. She adds clever text captions to funny images.

Gratificas TG Captions
Another Rachel Haven member gets her own blog: Tomlin89. Caps involving forced femininization, fantasy transformations, mind alteration and pregnancy.

Hugo Black
Highly original site containing posts, comics and caps on feminization, BDSM and lots of lingerie. There is an accompanying Yahoo group.

Isobelle’s Dungeon
Isobelle Nichole’s fantasies of forced feminization.

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