Fictionmania is back

1 06 2009

The giant Fictionmania site for transgender stories have been down for months due to severe technical difficulties.

Now, however, the FM team has installed a new server and recoded the whole site from MacOS to Windows. It is back up at the new domain.

It looks exactly like the previous version, down to the large number of search features and the old fashioned way of submitting stories. It is much faster, though, and much more stable.

The absence of Fictionmania has been causing grief and severe withdrawal symptoms among many TG readers, leading — in the worst instances — to hate emails and a lot of CAPITAL LETTER online swearing.

It is over now, folks!

The FM team also welcomes new stories.




5 responses

31 08 2009
Jessica De Leon

I wrote an article attempting to find out the appeal of transgender comics & literature, fictionmania included.

I would love if you read the article, it’s located here:

Please leave some feedback, I would greatly appreciate it 🙂



1 09 2009

Great article Jessica. I have promoted it here:

16 10 2010

Find that fictionmania and othrts are loosing it a bit. They are so overrun by people posting SF and fantasy stuff on em, that the real trannie material is getting to be snowed under. Nothing wrong with scifi and fantasy but i’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to my kinky reading-material(lol)


20 11 2010

I loved the story

3 08 2013

I still love the sight! I am a male to female transexual so I am entertained easily. Stephanie Lee The story was sweet.

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