Technical problems accessing TG blogs

5 02 2009

It seems there is a problem with the Blogger service, which is hosting many of the new TG erotica blogs that have appeared lately.

Readers of my own Rebecca’s World report that they can see the background load, and then the whole process stops. Apparently Blogger has made a new script for loading the Content Warning splash page.

The problem seems to affect users of Internet Explorer 6, but not IE 7 or browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. Until Blogger fixes the problem, the best solution for Internet Explorer users is to try out another browser.

Here’s the relevant discussion over at Google Groups.

UPDATE : Here’s a message from Google/Blogger:

“Thanks for the heads up on this folks.

We’re looking into the underlying cause of this and hope to have a fix
out shortly. However, I would strongly encourage those of you still
using IE6 to upgrade to a newer browser. IE6 is quickly becoming
obsolete across the net.

Google Chrome:
Mozilla Firefox 3:
The Blogger Team “




2 responses

24 08 2009

Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

25 08 2009
Rebecca Molay

Google has fixed this problem. Moreover, all Blogger blogs are now accessible by the Google crawlers.

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