Interview with TGStories

24 07 2012
TGStories book cover

TGStories book cover

There is actually a small TG fiction and entertainment industry out there, including sites that offer quality fiction for a reasonable price. I had a chat with TGStories, the editor of the site with the same name.

What made you start writing stories like these?

Well, generally, I do not write the stories on the site.   I hire some of the most talented writers (I think) who have a real sense of how to write a TG themed story.   

What I like about out story is that I think they are really sexy AND really great stories.   For me,  regardless of how provocative the subject matter if the storyline doesn’t make sense it is not a story I want to publish.  

Who have influenced you?

It is funny, because I didn’t really know it at the time, but I think the person who made TGstories and my LULU store possiable is Lee Brewster.   Lee died in 2000.  

Lee had two HUGE spaces in NYC that catered to crossdressers.  One store was all clothes, and the other was books and magizines.   

Growing up, it never occured to me that there was TG themed fiction, so imagine my shock when one day when I was in my 20s I saw a title at a newspaper stand.  It was called  Teenage TV (yes I remember);  I thought I was in heaven.  

After that, I was a steady fan of Lee’s books.   I started TGstories in 1996, so I really didn’t have a sense of how much the internet would grow…I really started it because of my personal love of the stories.  

What are your favorite themes?

That is hard, because I think I respond to detail more than themes…  But, I think that I really like things that are feminine, so story lines that involve things like beauty parlors, and clothing stories appeal to me.  

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Almodovar’s The Skin I Live In as a Transgender Fantasy

11 02 2012

almodovar the skin i live inPOST INCLUDES SPOILERS!

There are those who say transgender fantasies never make it into mainstream media.

Well, last year saw at least one serious, artistic, movie that reads like a crossdreamer/transgender fantasy, namely La Piel que Habito or The Skin I Live In.

By writing this I have, of course, revealed the plot’s unusual twist, which isn’t that unusual at all if you are a reader of TG fiction.

Here you will find one of the traditional TG themes: A young boy abducted by mad scientist, is being turned into a woman; he goes through upheaval and suffering before finally coming to peace with her new life.

Pedro Almodóvar has introduced many transgender persons in his movies, but not one of these movies have been this explicit.

The movie is loosely based on the French book Tarantula by Thierry Jonquet. But allthough the book deviates a bit from the plot of the movie, the novel could also have been published as a story on one of the main TG fiction portals.

The movie is presented as a thriller, and I have seen reviewers desperately look for a deeper cultural commentary, like — for instance — the violent suppression of women.

Maybe. But who are we kidding? The rest of the world, it seems 😉 DVD: The Skin I Live in (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) paperback: Tarantula: the Skin I Live in

Kindle ebook: Tarantula

Amanda’s Reading Room

11 02 2012

Amanda Hawkings has moved her collection of TG stories and long captions over to Blogger.

She writes about the new site:

The Cross-Dresser's Wife“At the moment there’s nothing new here that I haven’t posted before, and my most recent work is a minor vignette (in the 2012 Archive). So I’ll draw your attention to three substantial caption stories from last fall.

Problem Child is a straightforward story about what happens when a mother discovers her son’s interest in TG comics. The Cross-Dresser’s Wife is an offbeat story about what happens when a wife discovers her husband’s online interest in TG captions. (Anyone sensing a theme here?) Finally, as a change of pace, Time, Considered as a Curl of Soft Hair is a mystical story about what happens when a man receives an offer of feminine transformation that he finds impossible to refuse.”

Most of the stories are accessed as PDF files.

Click here to visit the site.

The Gender Bender Fiction Index

28 01 2012

Stephan Sokolow has set up a directory devoted to transgender fiction, comics, games, movies, TV shops and more. It has been in beta since 2009, and I think it is time to give it some more attention.

The site contains a vast database of artistic works and their characters, and covers all types of gender bending.

The site can be used as a starting point for studies of gender bending in the arts. What makes it truly useful is that it also contains links to other sites where these works of art are described or discussed.

Click here to visit The Gender Bender Fiction Index!

Lea Wildersen

16 01 2012

Lea has put up a Blogger blog with an ongoing story told in the first person.

In order to follow the story you have to start at the beginning, which is the first post from December 2011.

Follow the story by clicking on the relevant links in the right hand column of the page.

Here is a short snippet to get you going:

“For the record, my name is Lee Wildersen and I’m 26 years old.  I know this likely sounds strange, but I’m using the name “Lea” (pronounced LEE-ah) here to help compartmentalize things in my head.  You have no idea how difficult it is psychologically to think of yourself in terms of one gender when you’re so obviously the other gender physically.  Please don’t think this is a sign of acceptance on my part at all.  On the contrary, I’m spending every waking hour trying to understand this so I can possibly reverse it.  The problem is though that my sense of self is so drastically fractured now.  So this is one way I’ve found that works to help alleviate at least a small bit of anxiety and free my mind up somewhat.”

TG Life at Superpowers Unlimited

1 09 2011

Energy, image from Superheros UnlimitedSuper Powers Unlimited is an independent entertainment production studio. They publish original science-fiction, fantasy, transformation, supernatural, and superhero stories.

There is a special section called TG Life which has a collection of stories about men being transformed into women in a science-fiction or fantasy scenario.

Here’s one example to give you an idea of what this is about:

“Questioning his religion, a teenager invokes an unknown demigod and demands proof of its power. But when he tries manifesting the girl of his dreams, he ends up becoming her instead.”


“Five friends go camping in the mountains and discover a secret lake that, according to myth, transforms any who enter its waters into the opposite sex.”

The stories are very reasonably priced, so that should not be a problem.

The resurrection of TF Media

13 08 2011

As I reported in April, the TF Media site for TG captions and stories in no more.

However, now a new enthusiast called Osiris has taken over the data. He is in the process of establishing a new site called TF Media 2. The goal is to turn it into a new repository for cap and story makers.

Much of the material previously found on TF Media 1 is now accessible.

Osiris is looking for volunteers who can help sort out the existing material!