New transgender caption blogs, part 3

20 04 2009

This has definitely become the new wave of TG fiction: Blogger based blogs presenting new captions.

Not all of these sites will be updated, and they are not all of an equally high quality, but do explore. There are many gems here!

Titillating TG Captions
TG captions and stories of crossdressing, forced feminization and women getting the upper hand. Soft-core. The writer often combines a short capped image with a longer story in the blog post.

Tiffany Anne’s Happy Funtime Crossdressing Caption Club
The name says it all, doesn’t it? There is just an handful of posts and it hasn’t been updated since February, but I believe this blog has a future.

The Great Shift — TG Captions
The Great Shift is one of the more popular TG Fiction universes, and this capper places many of these soft-core caps in that universe. There is also a parallell blog that allows for nudity.

Sky’s TG and Other Captions
Hard core TG blog with caps designed in a comic book style.

My Own TG Captions
Sof core blog with provocative caps made by Jasmos from the US of A.

Lexi’s Caps
This one is the Death Metal Blog of TG. Men are changed into submissive girls. Explicit!

Kimberly in Pink
Another soft core blog. This one has quite a few caps focused on diapers and psychological age regression.

Isobelle’s Captions
Born on April the 1st, this blog mainly explores the fantasies of voluntary transformations. Not too explicit, yet…

Gabrielle’s Realm
Infrequent updates for this one. The caps are on the soft side of the spectrum.

TG France
Sweet TG caption blog in French.

Femme Dreams
It is hard to say whether this one is to become a cap blog or something else entirely. Comics, drawings and cross-dressing fantasies.

The Fedora Hat
This one has a very elegant design. Instead of adding the text to the image files, Dylan writes short blog post stories that fits the pictures included.

Follow the White Rabbit
Forced changes in comic book style.

Casey’s TG Caps
Short and to the point caps, mainly soft core.

Black Sissy
The first TG caption blog dedicated to black girls. Explicit.

Being Andrissa TG captions
Humorous cross-dressing caps, as well as magical transformations.

Ashley’s Haven
Very elegant TG caption blog in Spanish. Explicit.

Trisha’s TG Caps
Explicit transgender captions. Trisha asks you to give points to the various captions.

See also: Even more transgender caps.
New TG fiction and caption blogs.
For a complete list of new TG blogs, see my directory!




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