The TFCC Transgender Fiction Search Engine

8 10 2008

Search the Net Please welcome the The TFCC search engine. It searches hand picked English language transgender fiction, caption, movie and comics sites.

It is based on the Google database, and includes all the pages of these sites Google has been able to spider.

There are some problems with this approach, and that is that too many of the TG sites are fenced off by logins and content warning screens. The Fictionmania database is therefore not included; nor is most of the pages of discussion forums like Rachel’s Haven and Bimbo’s.

The use of content warnings is understandable, as the sites in question would like to warn minors and others. Search engine crawlers also consume band width, and as some of these sites are struggling with “too much” traffic already, they might want to exclude Google and the lot for that reason.

It is too bad, though, at is makes it harder for newcomers to find all these great stories. I would therefore strongly encourage such sites to open their doors to Google as a minimum. There are ways of doing this, without inviting all the spiders that crawl the net.

Another problem is the fact that many of sites only present TG captions where the text is part of the graphic images, and not presented as regular plain text.

So far no search engine has been able to index text found in images (though they are working on it). I therefore encourage captioners that publish their caps in separate blogs to publish the text in the blog post itself as well.

Click here to go to the TG search engine.




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