Shapeshifter transgender stories

15 09 2008

There are many ways of looking at transgender fiction.

One is to see at least parts of it as a sub-genre under the broader term “shapeshifting stories”. People are changed into all kinds of creature online, male-to-female and female-to-male being walks in the park in this context.

Shifti is a site devoted to shapeshifter fiction. They use the same software as the Wikipedia, which actually works well for organizing short stories for online publication.

You may sort stories by author, setting and type of transformation. There is also a mailing list (based on the older transformer story community) and a writer’s school.

The site has its own category for transgender stories, which contains quite a few works of fiction. Do take a look!

Thanks to The Threefold Great for telling me about this one!

Thanks also to Hippo that drew my attention to another shapeshifter site with transgender content, namely Transfur. There the focus is on drawings and comics.




One response

19 09 2008

Thanks for the link! At Shifti we are dedicated to providing an open forum for stories revolving around transformation. Currently I find that we are sorely lacking in TG stories, but hope that will change. I’d be adding a link to one of the lists on Shifti to your site, but I am unsure of how to classify this blog.

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