Welcome to TFCC: Transgender Fiction, Captions and Comics

4 09 2008

No, this is not yet another TG fiction, cap or comix site. This is a meta site that is to gather information on all the good sites covering transgender transformations online.

The blog will present:

  • Transgender story sites
  • Sites presenting transgender captions
  • Sites that publish TG comics and drawings

Certain conditions apply:

  • The sites must be of a certain quality and have some content
  • The sites should be updated regularly. A site that has been “dead” for a year will be removed, unless it represent an essential repository of transgender fiction.

Rebecca's World of Transgender Erotica


This site is also meant to make trangender fiction visible to the search engines. To many sites have their content hidden behind Content Warning pages, meaning that their pages are not spidered by the search engine robots. TFCC can function as a gateway from the search engines to these sites.

That means, however, that we need to boost the rankings to TFCC. Any relevant, quality site that links to Transgender Fiction, Captions and Comics will be included in the blogroll, increasing their chances of getting traffic back. Send an email to rebecca.molay@gmail.com and inform me about links.




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